we left early in the morning.

long, winding roads and trees everywhere. 

 the sun slowly peeking over the tree.

 location scouting at the wedding venue, acres and acres worth of land to explore.

shooting the lolly table and hanging up the wedding dress in the tree.

we had two cameras to shoot with thanks to our lovely friend max! these tree photos are edited with 'white lace' from digital film.

a pretty wooden window with a pretty view in our temporary home.

sitting outside in the sunlight.

we had the most wonderful home-made breakfast.

the sights in the beautiful town of bundanoon.

markets with lovely home-made things wrapped up in flowers and vintage colours.

the best coffee shop, ever.

midday lunch before newly married katie & austin and their family joined us.

edited with 'white lace' from digital film.

parked on the side of the road.

day two of taking photos was at this beautiful location.

the long drive back home.

a wall of trees.

i spent this weekend with dan shooting katie & austin's wedding, who are both dear friends to me. everything was amazing to say the least. dan and i left early on saturday morning and drove a few hours to get to moss vale. when we got to the location of their wedding, we spent a little while walking around the acres of land scouting for locations to shoot at, these were the last few quiet moments we had for that day.

from there, the rest of the day was a wonderful blur of laughter and tears, family members rushing in and out of rooms to try and get ready. trying to take photos of katie without austin suddenly rushing past and peeking at the bride before the ceremony (which luckily didn't happen but was a little too close for comfort!). but, i'll tell more of the story of their wedding day when i post the final photos!

we didn't finish shooting until about midnight and my hands felt glued to my camera after taking photos for fourteen hours straight! none of it would have been possible either if i hadn't had dan by my side helping me and second shooting throughout the day. we drove back in the middle of the night, going fast down the winding dirt roads lined with forests and i was so excited that i saw my first real life wombat scurrying back into the trees as we were driving past.

when we got to our temporary home, we fell onto the beds and fell asleep without a second thought. in the morning, the owner of the bed & breakfast had the tastiest home-made goods waiting for us to eat. she told us stories of escaping the loud city years ago to retreat in bundanoon and her husband and dan chatted away about their similar interest and job (dan's current and his past) of being a music engineer. after checking out, we headed into the main town (which is old but well taken care of and full of life, even if it's in the middle of nowhere) and sipped on more coffee at our now favourite coffee shop. 

the rest of this day will come soon in photos, we took more portraits of katie and austin at a home with acres of land (all the properites at moss vale seem to have giant backyards) filled with flowers and landscaping, buzzing with bees and mosquitos but beaming with colours.