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/ behind the scenes

and here are the final photos from our two day shoot for age of intimacy. we shot in a lovely antique store that had things hanging from every possible spot in the ceiling. old 60s music softly played in the background as we shot amongst the rocking chairs and walked along the creaking floorboards.

the final video:

a big thank you goes out to the team making all this possible:

chase studios

 for creating the lovely music for all three videos you will soon see! if you want lovely music like this for your videos, have a peek at their 



the team at age of intimacy:

designer & creative director: 

jess green

productions & locations: 

penelope green

model: coralie bradbery @ chadwicks

photography, video and editing: julia trotti

hair stylist: 

linh nguyen

makeup artist: 

jess chapman

many thanks to: 


banjara jewellery

eurama estate &

town and country antiques

for letting us shoot this campaign in their beautiful locations.

behind the scenes will be blogged tomorrow! x