miserable weather.

standing in the middle of the train tracks. left.


the car through the trees that would soon be lighting our photos.

coralie getting her makeup done in the dark. lit by phone lights.

the team filing up helium balloons.

jess & coralie.

the amazing wonders in the antique store we shot at.

jess working her magic.

penney in the reflections.

the view from above.

jess taking polaroids of everything.

a shelf of harry potter wands.

goodbye lovely antique store.

little car, big trees.

look number ii.

every hour that day it woud start to pour down rain. it's a miracle we had any sunshine to shoot with at all!

"it's cooooolddd!"

penney won't let me take any photos of her.

the long, muddy road home.

wandering around the acres of grass and trees.

this time we brought candles for the dark, we lit the night on fire.

the last look of the day just before it got dark.

 blogging has become sort of an online diary where i post all the adventures i get up to. now it seems like such a normal thing to do, but it will be wonderful when i'm old and wrinkly to look back on all these careless things that we did when we were younger such as running around in an abandoned castle at night while it's raining, screaming and laughing at the bugs and gross mud we walked through just so we could stand in the long, wet grass with a handful of slowly deflating balloons.

i couldn't appreciate more being a photographer at times like these. being outside in the cold air that scratches the back of my throat when i breathe, holding a camera tightly between my palms and taking photos of the light and movement, drenching half my clothes in ocean water for a single photo, running in muddy forests barefoot, breathing in the rain. it hits me almost every day that this has become my life, and i couldn't be happier that i'm living it. slowly making my dreams come true.