models: lillian, kellie & kayla


suzi rose


not too long ago i spent a day at my office shooting suzi rose's newest (and very cute) collection, she's a dreamer. there were countless outfits, purple and gold strewn about our picnic blanket on the sand. we spent a lot of the time taking photos walking through the little rock pools and getting the dresses wet, strangers watching by the shoreline. at the end of the day the girls were even game enough to get into the water, its supposed to be summer here in australia but it hasn't been half as hot as it usually is!

i drove back home from wollongong with red sunburnt shoulders & the rest of my skin on fire, but was so excited about the photos i started editing straight away. i'm currently putting together a short film from everything i filmed on the day while i was shooting. hopefully i can finish it before christmas so i can show you all the dreamy day in moving pictures.