and some behind the scenes photos from the day:

when i saw rosie hardy put together her shootout day, i thought it was an amazing idea and was inspired to do the same thing - sydney version! 10 of us met up at sydney college of the arts one saturday morning and shot through the day. i had a great time, and it was lovely to meet so many new faces that are as much in love with taking pictures as i am, it doesn't make me feel guilty talking all photo mumbo-jumbo! since this shootout was successful, i am definitely going to plan another one! maybe the next one we can shoot at the beach and learn how to work with harsh lighting conditions.. it's all plans in my head for the time being!

the model is the beautiful ayesha jaye, who totally kept her cool posing in front of ten different camera lenses!

suzi rose very kindly let us borrow her clothes for the day & ally cussell was on makeup.

here are a few links to everyone else's photos from the day, i will hopefully be adding everyone to the list as they post their photos!

luke m
secretstare photography
lauren stella photography
maraia photography
chantelle k
rebecca brooke