dan and i, passer bys.

mikey & his girlfriend amanda.

boat owner and his seagull friends.

seagulls really like homeless people in sydney.

fishing cat that dan and i want to take hommmmeee!

why hello there everyone, i think its time for me to get back into blogging! i've spent the past couple of weeks so so busy with shooting and uni, i've barely had any time for anything else! this week i've had a shoot every single day, starting with today's post. 

this is how the little story goes..

friday morning dan and i wake up early morning and drive with mikey down to sydney airport to pick up his girlfriend & her friend. they're from queensland and never been to sydney before, so we decided to take them around to all the touristy spots we could think of (which weren't that many haha). we started off the day at the darling harbour where i took photos of strangers and they took holiday photos of each other. then we headed to taronga zoo (i haven't been there since i was about ten!) where all the animals looked lonely and sad in their cages, it made me cringe.

but anyway, i hope you enjoy these photos! if you'd like to see what's coming soon, i've posted one photo of every shoot that i've done last week on