models: sarah s & liam

designers: lynn to, mim goode & kamelia allaf

this is a little swimsuit collection i shot for my friend lynn in kamelia's backyard with a trampoline and bubbles one afternoon. i woke up to a message that morning from the model i had booked saying she couldn't make it.. the four of us were frantically searching around for someone to shoot when mim asked the beautiful sarah. she had never modelled before but was completely natural and lovely while i was taking pictures. i collapsed in my seat on the train ride home soo relieved that the day worked out after all, the series even ended up being published in the latest issue of javertime magazine! 

i hope you love dandelion love, and all the drama that came with it on the day! a few people have been asking so i thought i'd mention that all the photos expect for the last two in this series were edited with my free curve friday curves. some were mixtures of two curves and some were completely new curves that i am due to upload for you all soon!