i woke up this morning and it is christmas eve and i really felt like creating something. this photo is from
the long weekend a month ago i spent at my dad's house. one afternoon at sunset, we went driving
through the windy country roads, where there were cows walking next to the car, fields that went on 
forever, broken trees and lonely homes.

this is the original picture, i cropped it to a square then used a layer mask to completely get rid of the sky
and some of the mountain.

i added a picture of a more interesting sky from a completely different day, but it wasn't working so well. 
i tried a few more til i ended up with this:

added more contast to the image with curves in photoshop, as well as editing the colours. i really wish
you could edit photoshop files in camera raw, but it doesn't let you.

i then decided to add a tree at the end of the road so there is a main focus to the image. before the tree i
added a little house, but it was too boring and didn't flow with the immense amount of green in the rest
of the picture, so i got rid of it.

these are the original images i used:

hope you like! i have a few more field picture that im planning ideas for. hopefully i will have a series
of square images soon. for now though, i need to stop procrastinating and get back to sending 
proofsheets and retouching!