above: sailmaker (support band)

i finally got to do a shoot for fasterlouder last night! it was at the annandale hotel again (i love that place) and the lighting was so amazing i had to go and thank the guy afterwards. i think photographers - me included - usually complain when there is bad lighting at a gig (when its all red and bleh) so i think when the lighting is spectacular like last night, someone should let the lights guy know :) haha.

so anyway, the gig was for epicure, and i think it was their farewell show. they have been playing for more than ten years now, and had a nice crowd going who got really into their set. and with good reason too - they played some pretty epic songs, i even got goosebumps on their second last one.

some personal shoots are coming soon as well, i've been planning some things with some models, one of who i worked with before. but for the time being i will be shooting a lot of live shows!