that first picture there was just a quick lighting test, i don't remember the name of the band. the second one is my boyfriend's band, midnight horizon. they played at the bring it on festival in fairfield, on this stage outside, and also, on an acoustic stage, but it wasn't pretty so i wans't inspired to take photos :P

so i've been listening to the dead weather a lot lately. its jack white's new project and i think its pretty cool. the only two things playing on my ipod on the way to work in the city now is the dead weather & grizzly bear. i've been trying to find some new music though, and its going pretty good so far.. i just need a whole weekend or a couple of days where im home with nothing to do, to be able to just go through cds and lists and have the time to listen to different things. so far im having no such luck with the free time thing though, which is a good and bad thing all at the same time.

last night i got to shoot the cast members of wicked with some of the cast members from twilight who went to watch the show. it was pretty fun, and such a random thing for me to do! i was covering for my boss who is in melbourne shooting at the moment.

other than that, my creative shoots have died down a little since uni started and retouching work has been piling up. i've been really concentrating on passing my drivers license test (and i did) but it took up so much of my time! this saturday we're going to a car market to see if we can find anything for me, and if we do, im going to start shooting a hell of a lot - creative shoots and FINALLY some live band photography! of someone other than my boyfriend's band haha - who are a lot of fun to shoot, but i need something else for my portfolio.

anyway,  hope you're all doing well. i still have photos from a shoot i did not long ago to upload, so i'll get around to that soon. and also to taking some new photos :)

x j.