oh, finally i can get around to blogging about this! i've been so excited about this job and about showing everyone pictures, but ever since i shot the musicoz awards, i've been so so busy.

so i applied about last year as a volunteer photographer (as are most live gigs) and never heard a reply so i just forgot about it. about three days before the actual event happened though, i get an email from the person who organises the volunteer section for the night and asks if i want to shoot the musicoz awards! (which, for those who don't know, is australia's biggest music awards for independent artists) and of course i said yes.

when i got there, i was basically just shooting the red carpet with a few other photographers for a couple of hours, which is pretty straight forward and a little boring, but the photos need to be taken!

then we went inside and got to watch the entire musicoz awards, got to see who won what and got to watch and shoot all the performances. i put one picture of almost every performance that there was and in order of my posting, from top to bottom we have: the ballerina stage performance for divine mechanism, sarah smith of radio ink, peter northcote who played a guitar solo which was pretty cool, jesse emmanuel, jack carty and the final perfomers of the night, the jezabels.

all in all i think it was a pretty great day/night, i met some pretty awesome photographers and could definitely get used to doing it more often!