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golden splendour


golden splendour

model: joshua maxwell

stylist: harmony hearsey

film: dan @ i make films

in the late afternoon a fire burnt furiously in the far distance. the air was hot and filled with smoke, but everything was covered in a beautiful red glaze by the time we arrived to the city. joshua had come down from melbourne with felicity downie to spend a few days in sydney, and we all spent the afternoon with harmony & dan shooting in the alleyways and side-streets of the empty suburbs. we talked and wandered in between every photo we took, and when it was too dark to take photos, we all went out for thai and ended up talking for hours more. joshua is an amazing photographer


, and it was so lovely to finally be able to meet felicity in person after first meeting her online years ago on deviantart!

these are the photos from one of the best days shooting i've had in a long while, and of course i'm so happy dan came along to put together this amazing short film too: 



age of intimacy campaign: my deadly sins, lust

part i


part ii


part iii

/ behind the scenes

 last month, i shot age of intimacy's my deadly sins campaign for their newest collection. it was one of the craziest campaigns i've ever been a part of, split up into two days of mishaps and lovely moments where everything seems to somehow fall into place and fit together perfectly.

day one was a half day shoot. we planned to meet up in the beautiful wilderness of the blue moutains during the day, but pouring down rain and a broken car later, we get there just before dusk. the sun settled down as hair and makeup was finished and by the time we started shooting in this amazing abandoned castle, it was dark. we fired up the car's highbeams to shoot through the night. it was the middle of winter in sydney and poor coralie was freezing but was an absolute trooper and fought through the cold.

we had polaroid cameras to shoot behind the scenes with, and dozens of balloons to play around with. we filmed and shot while the rain came down, but we didn't stop until all the outfits had a lovely photo to go along with it. the drive back home was bumpy and muddy, but i got home and collapsed into bed. my few days beforehand of colour-starved eyes were finally full of lovely photos and moving-pictures to inspire me for day two of shooting.

here is the first (of three) short film for lust:

none of this dream-like creativity would have been possible without our amazing team!

first of all a big thank you goes to chase studios for creating the lovely music for all three videos you will soon see! if you want lovely music like this for your videos, have a peek at their



the team at age of intimacy:

designer & creative director:

jess green

productions & locations:

penelope green

model: coralie bradbery @ chadwicks

photography, video and editing: julia trotti

hair stylist:

linh nguyen

makeup artist:

jess chapman

many thanks to: 


banjara jewellery

eurama estate &

town and country antiques

for letting us shoot this campaign in their beautiful locations.

part ii will be blogged tomorrow! x



photography workshop

a couple of weeks ago i had the lovely opportunity to share my photography knowledge to colour-hungry photography students at my local high school in the form of a workshop. i asked rachel, a pretty girl who i went to school with, to model for me for the day. we walked down to the park in the late morning with the students, and in between taking pictures i showed them how i work with light, gave them tips on instructing the models and people they are photographing and everything in between. here are some of the photos i took:

 the main aim i had for the day is to show them all how simple it can be to take portraits of someone. you don't need fancy lighting or to hike to a tropical location. we shot these photos in a park in front of the high school, the park that they would walk past every day to and from going to school. 

i loved every minute of being able to share everything i know and answering all the questions that were asked throughout the day. so much, that i wanted to offer one on one lessons to anyone interested in learning from me and living in sydney. you could be a high school student wanting to learn more, someone who photographs for fun or someone who just wants to pick my brain for a day! 

please email me on if you're interested.