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photography workshop

a couple of weeks ago i had the lovely opportunity to share my photography knowledge to colour-hungry photography students at my local high school in the form of a workshop. i asked rachel, a pretty girl who i went to school with, to model for me for the day. we walked down to the park in the late morning with the students, and in between taking pictures i showed them how i work with light, gave them tips on instructing the models and people they are photographing and everything in between. here are some of the photos i took:

 the main aim i had for the day is to show them all how simple it can be to take portraits of someone. you don't need fancy lighting or to hike to a tropical location. we shot these photos in a park in front of the high school, the park that they would walk past every day to and from going to school. 

i loved every minute of being able to share everything i know and answering all the questions that were asked throughout the day. so much, that i wanted to offer one on one lessons to anyone interested in learning from me and living in sydney. you could be a high school student wanting to learn more, someone who photographs for fun or someone who just wants to pick my brain for a day! 

please email me on if you're interested.